Yuri Myroshnichenko

Personal Trainer


What to expect?

We will start with a trial session during which I will evaluate your fitness level and we will discuss your health goals, previous experience, concerns and exercise preferences.

People who have never exercised regularly should never hesitate to start. I will never push you beyond your limits unnecessarily.

My clients represent all fitness levels, from elderly persons, office workers or more serious athletes, all are welcome.

Most clients prefer to meet 1-3 times a week.


Depending upon the weather and your program, we may train outdoors (park, stadium, etc.) or indoors (either at your home or a local gym). 

Who do I work with?
- Anyone serious about improving their health (office workers, retired persons, etc.).

- Professional or serious athletes who want to improve their performance 

- Beginners or those who need help getting started.

Do I work with children?

I prefer to work with adults. Exceptions can be made for professional young athletes who are serious about training. Training and schedule must be agreed with their parents or guardians.


Does it really work?

YES it does! Everything you need is to start. Health is all we have, right? Regular physical exercise is the key to achieving your potential and eliminating stress.

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