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Get Fit. Get Yuri-Fit!

I have over 35 years’ experience in sports at all levels, whether training as a professional athlete myself or working with my students, or during my career as a massage therapist.

Over my sports career, I have developed a unique and effective method for improving overall health – personally suited for each student according to their own fitness level and physiology. I fuse together different disciplines into a diverse and rewarding training experience.

Yuri Myroshnichenko

Personal Trainer


Early 1980s, Ukraine National Team

Professional runner (400m with hurdles)

Multiple finalist of National track and field competitions in Ukraine
Late 1980s, Ukraine (Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University)

B.Sc (Exercise Science)

Olympic and professional sport; physical rehabilitation; physical education

1990s-2000, Ukraine

Track and field trainer

Privately with track and field professional athletes and at Youth Sport School in Donetsk 

2000-2006, Ukraine

Rehabilitation of athletes through massage therapy and exercising with the Ukrainian soccer club “Shakhtar”

2006-2015, Montreal, QC

Obtaining the Diploma and license of massotherapist from Professional Massotherapist Association of Quebec

After evaluation of my Ukrainian Diploma continued as a private personal trainer

More than 100 clients overall

successfully worked with many clients to help them to get back to shape, rehabilitate after light to moderate injuries through therapeutic massage and exercising with my clients for 9 years.

2015-present, Vancouver, BC

Personal trainer